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All too often, companies use “green” labeling but hide toxic ingredients. I learned this the hard way after suffering an asthma attack while using a leading, “green” all-purpose cleaner. Labeled as safe, it was actually full of irritating ingredients that practically required a chemistry degree to understand. Armed with determination and a positive attitude, I turned my frustration into a commitment to developing products that use trusted, easy-to-recognize, non-toxic ingredients that work. Join me and clean like an OPTIMIST!


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Inspiring Optimist: Meet Alicia Hackney

July 15, 2015

  Q & A with Alicia, a busy mother of two in Cape Cod, business woman by day, scout leader after school, and Breast Cancer survivor who is on a mission to share her knowledge of safe beauty and skincare products with her new role as a founding Ever Skincare consultant.   Favorite The Optimist Co. product: Bright Side Glass and Surface Cleaner   "It works so incredibly well, no streaks at all and no elbow grease required"   Q: When did your awareness change and you started to choose more eco friendly products?  A: When I became pregnant with my daughter Annabelle. I am the type of person when I get something in my head I have to know everything about...

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Cleaning stainless steel

May 07, 2015

The cleaning factor with stainless steel can be frustrating for many owners but we have a few simple tips to help keep your stainless steel appliances sparkling and looking their best.  Use a soft cloth With a durable name, it is surprising how easy it can be to scratch. Choose a soft, microfiber cloth and avoid abrasive cleaning tools.  Go with the grain If you look closely at you stainless steel appliance you can see a grain. Cleaning in the same direction of the grain helps to avoid scratching.  Choose a safe cleaning product When water is not enough and cut through greasy fingerprints a cleaning spray safe for stainless steel is the way to go. Make sure to check the...

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