Meet the Optimist!

Our company got started after Devin suffered an asthma attack using a leading "green" cleaning product. She looked to the product label and could barely tell what the ingredients were let alone what triggered her asthma attack. She turned her frustration into a commitment to developing products that use trusted, easy to recognize and non-toxic ingredients. 
More frequently than ever we hear a new report about another chemical in our everyday products that is dangerous for us, while rates of chemical sensitivities and allergies continue to grow. We realize that our customers need more choice, therefore we teach you how to make your own cleaning products easily at home with our make-your-own kit. Finally, you have a chance to customize the products you use to clean your home! 
Rediscover what soap can do and go back to basics with us while effectively fighting the grime in your home. 
Become an Optimist!