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All too often, companies use “green” labeling but hide toxic ingredients. I learned this the hard way after suffering an asthma attack while using a leading, “green” all-purpose cleaner. Labeled as safe, it was actually full of irritating ingredients that practically required a chemistry degree to understand. Armed with determination and a positive attitude, I turned my frustration into a commitment to developing products that use trusted, easy-to-recognize, non-toxic ingredients that work. Join me and clean like an OPTIMIST!


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DIY Thankful Tree with free printable tags

November 22, 2015

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, busy days of cooking and time with family and friends, sometimes its nice to take a pause. A Thankful Tree is a way our family spends a few minuets reflecting on the past year before dinner begins. Sharing a prepared meal from the heart with your family is one of my favorite thankful moments. This tree is our table centerpiece and a way to get our kids and guests to feel involved. If you are welcoming guests this year, we love this as a friendly icebreaker as well.  Here are step by step directions for you own DIY Thankful Tree    Step 1. Print and cutout the tags with this free printable.   ...

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How to get rid of a smell in your sink

October 15, 2015

The easy and fun way to get rid of a smell in your sink Pour a full tea kettle of boiling hot water down your drain. With a funnel, dump about 1/2 cup of baking soda right after. Add 1 cup of vinegar, and watch it fizzle! Close your drain plug for 5-10 minutes. Flush it down one more time with boiling water.

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