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All too often, companies use “green” labeling but hide toxic ingredients. Our founder learned this the hard way after suffering an asthma attack while using a leading, “green” all-purpose cleaner. Labeled as safe, it was actually full of irritating ingredients that practically required a chemistry degree to understand. Armed with determination and a positive attitude, Devin turned her frustration into a commitment to developing products that use trusted, easy-to-recognize, non-toxic ingredients that work. Join Devin and become an OPTIMIST! 

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Are you ready for spring cleaning?

March 02, 2015

  Hello Optimists!  Are you counting down to the first day of spring? Join us to fight the winter funk as we kick off spring cleaning!  The Optimist Co.'s Spring Cleaning Checklist goes out on the first official day of spring, March 20th. A complete guide to putting some pep in your cleaning step. Sign up to get your copy now!  If you're like us at Optimist HQ, this winter has felt especially harsh. So much cold and snow here in the North East!  But winter doesn't have us down! We're looking forward to warmer temperatures, the first signs of green in our gardens, and opening the windows to fresh air. Our Checklist will give you all the knowledge and tools you...

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30 minutes until your guests arrive. What to do first?

December 18, 2014

Yay holidays! It's the season where we love to visit - and sometimes show up unexpectedly! If you're lucky enough to have at least 30 minutes' notice, a few key things are important to clean or take care of before your guests arrive: Take out the trash. A hostess doesn't want to take her trash out any more than one of her guests does when they see it's full. Be ahead of the game and save yourself the awkwardness.  Wipe down your wine glasses. A lot of people spend unnecessary time vacuuming or dusting before last-minute guests arrive. Guess what? No one's looking at your floors and table tops. But they WILL notice when their wine glasses are dusty.  Wipe...

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