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After suffering an asthma attack from a leading “green” cleaning spray I realized there was a lack of truly safe cleaning products in the marketFrustrated by my options, I created a line of truly natural cleaning products with easy-to-recognize ingredients.

I believe in the safety and effectiveness of our ingredients so strongly I printed them right on the front of our packaging. Our optimistic products are inspiring chemical free cleaning, a few simple ingredients at a time. 

Join us and clean like an optimist! 

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Breakthrough to your inner optimist with these easy tips

January 26, 2016

   A new year, a new journey to wellness begins! We chatted with local Cape Cod Yoga instructor, painter and author Mary Catherine Starr who shared her tips on connecting with your inner optimist, living an authentic life and the importance of daily movement.  "In order to connect with your inner optimist, you must make time for the things that feed you. If you sleepwalk through life just focused on all of your tasks + to-dos, you'll miss everything." Q: What does optimism mean to you?  A: To me, optimism is a choice; you have a choice in how you want to live your life (or start each day) and if you choose optimism, you choose to be intentional, grateful,...

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Elaine's story: overcoming contact allergy flair-ups with chemical free cleaning

January 19, 2016

  Cleaning was becoming an increasingly difficult task for new mom Elaine while suffering contact allergies from many common cleaning products. Just when she was feeling like she was out of options she discovered The Optimist Co. and sent us a heartfelt letter expressing her thanks for finally finding cleaning products she could use safely. Elaine is not alone in her struggles with contact allergies and proves relief is possible! "The final straw was when I became pregnant with my child and realized that not only was my skin breaking out but I was beginning to feel dizzy when breathing in the fumes from the chemicals I was using to clean my home. I figured there just had to be a better...

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