Make Your Own Cleaning Products Kit

Making your own handcrafted cleaning products is easy and stylish with our kit. Complete with instructions right on the bottle to blend your own natural all purpose cleaner and glass sprays. We are the only company that teaches our customer's to make their products at home!

Kit include two reusable bottles, pumps, 8 oz organic castile soap, 10 ml each of Lemon, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus pure grade essential oils. We also include a recipe card to inspire your creativity and start making additional home products like a veggie wash, floor cleaner, shower get and our favorite scrubbing cleaning gel. 

This kit is a great fit for anyone new to sessional oils or a sensed pro. All the Pinterest style and creativity while being easy to use to jumpstart your DIY cleaning.

Why the amber bottle? Not just pretty to look at, our bottles are amber to protect the power of the essential oils we use and also are recyclable.

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