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October 08, 2013

How did you get started with all of this?

IMG_8821_Fotor_Collage Working at farmer's markets this summer I was asked this simple question frequently. How I got started in green cleaning is how I lot of women do, I started a family. I purchased baby safe laundry soap, found green cleaning products at the store and thought I was good to go, until one of the "green" products I was using gave me an asthma attack. I actually found the product a stronger trigger for my asthma then bleach. Not good!! The product label was no help as I had no idea what the ingredients even were, so I went to the next logical step and decided to try and make my own cleaning products. I read blogs, books and articles that gave me a lot of great ideas and I reused a bottle to make my first vinegar based cleaner. At this point I was surprised by the results and became lets face it, a little obsessed in mixing up new cleaning products to try in my kitchen. All the products I sell today are from this experimentation. The idea to start my own business grew and gradually I decided to make cleaning products: 1. That had simple ingredients that were easy to read and recognize 2. Took the guess-work out of knowing what was "green" or not 3. Were safe, non-toxic and smelled great 4. We easy to teach others how to make themselves (DIY kits were born!) 5. Worked even better than the yucky chemical filled options out there 6. Celebrated design but was also sustainable, I put a lot of thought into our packaging I'll be honest, starting a business felt crazy at times while trying to care for a one and three year old girls. Everyday brings new excitement though and I feel so much joy getting to share something I feel so passionate about. Some important advice I got when I was younger was right, when you do what you love it really does not feel like work. There are a lot of ups and downs with starting a new business but I am enjoying the adventure! Thank you to all of my friends, family, customers and early supporters. The Optimist Co. is here because of your support!!! white_vinegar

Tomorrow I will share a blog about white vinegar! The wonderful ingredient

that started it all...stay tuned!

With JOY! Devin

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