How I came to love cleaning my kitchen with vinegar!

October 10, 2013 2 Comments

When I began making my own cleaning products I started with vinegar and it is by far the most useful and versatile product you can use to clean you kitchen....and not to mention SAFE!

I have found vinegar so helpful I dedicated a Pinterst Board to it. 


What is distilled white vinegar? Simply it is created from the fermentation of distilled alcohol (in the US usually from corn). Once it is made it is diluted to 5% acidity and is ready for use! I usually pick up Heinz distilled white vinegar at the store because it is readily available and cost effective. The first cleaning product I made was a 50/50 water and vinegar solution. It was that simple! I cleaned the laminate counters we had at the time, bathroom, windows, blinds and was hooked! IMG_1757 After a month of cleaning with vinegar I took it up and notch and made an orange peel infused vinegar. It is very easy to make, just poor vinegar over the orange peels in a mason jar, seal and wait... After a few weeks I diluted it down and was amazed at how well it cut through grime, not to mention it also smelled great. Now I mix it up and add whatever citrus peels I have on.

8 Easy ways to clean your kitchen with vinegar

Cutting boards: we have all heard how cutting boards can harbor germs leading to food born illness. A nice soak in a 50/50 water vinegar solution or spray does the trick to get those nooks and crannies clean. Bottles and sippy cups: I give my sippy cups and bottles a nice soak in a 50/50 water and vinegar solution regularly to clean out those valves and hard to reach spots. Countertops: using vinegar is a great way to clean non-sealed counters. Its acidity fights the germs that often grow in the kitchen. Make sure to avoid using in on granite, stone and sealed surfaces. It can leave the seal pitted from the acid. A great option for stone surfaces is our pH safe all purpose cleaner. The refrigerator: it is very important to use food safe options when cleaning out the fridge. I use a spray of diluted vinegar to keep the shelves in my fridge clean, shiny and germ free. This reminds me I should do this chore before my mother visits soon! Windows: You can easily clean windows and glass with diluted vinegar. It will not leave a film like many of the glass cleaners out there. I use a microfiber cloth to leave a sparkling finish. Odors: kitchens are sure full of these. Using vinegar not only cleans the surface but deodorizers the air while you clean! I use the mist setting on my Bright Side Window Wash (did I mention it is vinegar based) to deodorize our trash can. Plastic retains odors easily and but thankfully is easy to clean with a vinegar solution. Microwave: have a lot of buildup in your microwave? Steam some water and a few tablespoons of vinegar in a bowl on the high setting for 3-5 min. Easily wipe away built up splatter and be left with a sparkling and odor free microwave. Floors: if you have laminate or another flooring surface that does not have a seal diluted vinegar is a great way to clean your floors. It helps fight the germs that are often found near the stove and sink while leaving a nice shine. Just like countertops, it is not a good option for sealed floors, hardwoods or stone surfaces. In those cases I turn to castile soap! These are a few of my favorite ways to clean with vinegar but don't stop there! Check out a few of my favorite links to learn more about using vinegar around your home. Stock up your pantry with vinegar after readying these great links: 

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Happy cleaning! Devin

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Lisa Tompson
Lisa Tompson

March 13, 2015

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Lisa Tompson


May 05, 2014

Hi Devin -

Great post! Are you still interested in me collaborating with your blog? I’d love to! Betsy

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