Monday Green Tip: Drink Green

March 31, 2014

Is that drink green? 

I am in the very early stages of learning about juicing. I have been trying to change some habits and be more healthy and drinking a green beverage for the first time was a big leap. My friends Nicole and Jen from The Local Juice made this delicious drink that was full of nutritious fruits and veggies. It was both refreshing and a delight to drink. I was at Nicole's event celebrating National Nutrition Month and I have learned so much about nutrient dense foods and local food sources from her. Image Don't you think our Flourish juice looks so fancy in wine glasses? #thelocaljuice An upside to making more green decisions are the added health benefits you get. Reducing the chemicals you expose you body to, supporting the local agriculture community and being a better steward of our environment all adds up to a more healthy and better life! I stepped way outside my box and enjoyed a delicious green drink. Sometimes our lifestyle changes are easy, sometimes they take a little more effort and bravery. In the end we can keep making those little changes one by one and all enjoy a more green, healthy and happy life! With JOY! Devin  

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