Monday Green Tip: Bee Relaxed

May 26, 2014

When you start to become aware of the number of harmful chemicals that are in the products we use daily it can feel very overwhelming!! With all the efforts done to market products as green, safe or natural even when they are often not, it is easy to feel frustrated and not know where to begin. 
I want to help take away the worry and confusion and I will be starting a blog series: One product at a time
Cleaning products were my "thing," the way I reduced a lot of the chemicals myself and family were exposed to. It is where I started and slowly over time I continue to work to make more green and healthy decision in what I eat, which products I use and how we live our life. We all need to start somewhere and I hope you find my cleaning products an easy way to check off the cleaning box! Stay tuned for more tips and suggestions to be able to easily green up your life without a lot of confusion, expense or headache! 
For now, enjoy your week and remember to just think about changing one product at a time and to not stress about the rest! 

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