Behind the scenes at The Optimist Co.

June 17, 2014

Ready for their closeup! 

We are busy getting new product photos ready to show off the new labels. Photographing shiny bottles is never an easy task outside of a studio. The bottles are not only beautiful...but reflect everything they see (including the photographer). 

I do not have a studio to use so I had to get creative and use natural light outdoors.

To avoid harsh shadows from direct sunlight I used a soft box. This is my first time using one of these and it worked really well. I moved the table around as the sun moved and also to get the desired highlights I was looking for. You can get an idea where the sun was by the shadow on the table. Experimenting with time of day is also a great idea! 

If you are camera is sitting on a box. When your tripod is broken it is time to get creative! 

With the growth of websites like Etsy and Pinterest there is a wealth of creative product photography information out there. I am looking forward to doing more stylized shoots in the future. Enjoy the new photos! 

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