Monday Green Tip: Use a clothesline

July 21, 2014

Monday Green Tip: Use a clothesline
I have fond memories of helping my mom take our clothes on and off the clothesline in the summer. We also spent a lot of time at Michigan's lakes and camping so using a clothesline was just a frequent necessity growing up. Now clotheslines are having a comeback as so many more people become more environmental aware and look to save energy (and money!)
In celebration of our EPIC We Love Laundry newsletter edition that is coming soon, I wanted to give you an early tip and share our Pinterest board full of handy and inspirational clothesline ideas. Clotheslines are not only beautiful but so practical as well. (click here so you do not miss any of our favorite laundry tips in our upcoming newsletter) 
Some of our favorite clothesline ideas!
I am from the midwest so I love this picture!
There are lots of indoor solutions for clotheslines as well, many of which are retractable which is a very helpful space saving solution. These are perfect if for a basement laundry room or an apartment. 
This is a folding outdoor clothesline option from Costco. Not only is it affordable but again, we love a space saving option. I wonder if the laundering loving husband is included? 
If you are looking to construct your own clothesline there are lots of DIY tutorials on Pinterest. 
Have fun pinning your own clothesline inspiration! 

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