Monday Green Tip: A green choice for coffee filters

August 11, 2014

My day always starts with a cup of coffee and I make it the old school why in my traditional coffee pot. A year ago I made the switch from the traditional white coffee filters to ones that are natural and have not been bleached. There is a lot of debate back and forth regarding the risk of dioxin exposure risk from bleached coffee filters. The switch was a very easy one so I felt like why risk it? The filters are inside my coffee pot anyway so why do I even need them to be bleached and white? Coffee is a daily task for me so this is a small green step that over time adds up with its environmental and healths benefits. Remember we can go green one product at a time! 
Almost every major grocery store and health food store I have been in has plenty of options for unbleached coffee filters options. 
Here is one I found online that is also certified compostable. I know my gardening friends will love that! 
If you would still like the white paper look, here is a link to coffee filters by Earth-Friendly products that is dioxin free. 
Enjoy your morning coffee with less worry this a quick coffee filter change! 

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