Monday Green Tip: Your recipe for heavily soiled laundry loads

November 03, 2014

I often get asked why I did not use Borax when developing Loads of Laughs, natural laundry wash. I found it to be a little harsh and strong for daily washing. I also had read a few articles suggesting a link between it and negative effects on small aquatic life like frogs. At the time I started to make my own laundry wash I was living on a pond on Cape Cod so I wanted to make sure my daily wash did not hurt the aquatic and ocean environments in my back yard. 
Borax is a great alternative to hash chemicals for all sorts of special cleaning needs. Over the weekend our two year old got a stomach bug and it caused a lot of icky laundry. In times like these I add Borax as a boost to a heavily soiled load. I might not use it daily but it is a safe alternative to color safe bleach and also a fantastic deodorizer. I have an HE machine and find I only need 1 scoop of Loads of Laughs and 1 tablespoon of Borax for those extra soiled loads.

Your recipe for heavily soiled laundry loads



                                                   1 Scoop                                            1 Tablespoon

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