Sara's 3 Tips For Hostess Gift Etiquette

December 11, 2014


The holiday season means many holiday party invitations. Hurrah! And, like Optimists already know, knocking on the door with a gift in hand is a very appropriate and kind thing to do for your hostess. Here are my 3 easy tips to keep in mind when picking out a hostess gift:

  • Put some thought into it. We’re all guilty of grabbing the first bottle of wine we see and putting a ribbon on it. But your hostess is putting a lot thought and energy into her party. You should put some thought into the gift. Does your friend like DIY? Perhaps she’d like our  Make Your Own cleaning products kit. She’ll be thrilled you came to the party AND gave a gift unique to her. Which is a nice segue into – 
  • Give her something she’ll use. There’s nothing worse than getting a hostess gift that goes right into the closet or collects dust on the shelf or – tis the season! - is re-gifted. Your friend will need to clean up after the party, right? Perhaps she’d like a bottle of Time to Shine - our top selling all purpose cleaner. It cleans up party messes like a charm and smells AMAZING!
  • Shop local and tell her. In fact, tell everyone at the party you did and that it’s important to you to support your local business owner. Many people take the easy route of purchasing gifts for themselves and others via online, national retailers. Shopping local shows you’re not only committed to keeping your money in local businesses and the local economy, you have some great gifts ideas to share with others!


Happy holiday shopping!




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