30 minutes until your guests arrive. What to do first?

December 18, 2014

Yay holidays! It's the season where we love to visit - and sometimes show up unexpectedly! If you're lucky enough to have at least 30 minutes' notice, a few key things are important to clean or take care of before your guests arrive:
  1. Take out the trash. A hostess doesn't want to take her trash out any more than one of her guests does when they see it's full. Be ahead of the game and save yourself the awkwardness. 
  2. Wipe down your wine glasses. A lot of people spend unnecessary time vacuuming or dusting before last-minute guests arrive. Guess what? No one's looking at your floors and table tops. But they WILL notice when their wine glasses are dusty.
  3.  Wipe down the bathroom sink and toilet. You don't need do to a full-fledged bathroom cleaning but your guests will notice the sink and toilet and, let's be honest, sitting on a dirty commode anywhere is unacceptable. Time to Shine is a great product for this! 
  4. Fresh towels. That's all there is to it. Have you heard about Loads of Laughs? Start there for deliciously clean towels that your guest will enjoy and remember.
  5. Put out your serving plates and utensils early so that when your guests arrive, they can help YOU out by putting out their own treats.
Thirty minutes until the party gets started! Happy holidays! 

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