Delight your bedding with these easy cleaning tips

March 23, 2015

Your winter bedding will thank you for taking the time and care to washing and storing it properly. 

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Use Safe Soap

Skip irritating detergents and choose a natural laundry wash. Most are safe for HE machines and just as effective as traditional brands without the unsafe ingredients and chemical brighteners. Learn more about our natural laundry wash and softener here.  

Size Matters

Washing machines have a capacity limit so for really large, heavy or bulky bedding you may want to consider a laundromat or laundry services. Save yourself time and use a drop-off service. 

Drying Time

It is important that the bedding is completely dry before being stored until next season. We like to accomplish this by starting out in the dryer and if weather is permitting, hanging the bedding out on a line. We have to confess to a love (okay an obsession) with clotheslines and even have a dedicated Pinterest board for inspiration. 

Avoid over drying flannel being and sheets as it can cause fading. 

Wash Down

Most down comforters and pillows can be washed but double check the washing instructions. Use something to reshape like a few tennis balls in the dryer cycle. 


Make sure not to skip washing these as they can harbor dust and allergens picked up from the air and floor. 

Hot Water or Not

We do the majority of our laundry in cold water as it is easier on our colored clothing and a better environmental choice. That being said, some bedding items are washed infrequently so using hot water, especially if you have allergies for the occasional load makes sense.  

Pillow Time

Most pillows, including down can be washed. Try to avoid over drying which can leave them misshapen. You might want to use hot water as mentioned above if you have allergies to dust mites. Take about of drying when about 2/3 dry and flatten and reshape. Lay flat to finish drying. 


After bedding is complete dry make sure to store in a dry place. If linen closet space is limited consider the top shelf in bedroom closets or under bed options. We have used both space saver bags, tubs and reused the bags the bedding came in. Skip moth balls which are toxic. To keep bedding extra fresh consider cedar balls which are available at most hardware stores and can easily be folded into bedding. You can also make a your own cedar chip satchet with great DIY ideas we shared in our Pinterest board


Stay turned for more line drying tips, our favorite mattress cleaning powder and many more laundry tips during our Spring Cleaning Checklist series. Join us room by room and download your free PDF spring cleaning checklist today! 

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