A veggie good day awaits inside your refrigerator

April 23, 2015

We like to start our refrigerator cleaning with a little game, guessing which condiment item will be the furthest past its expiration date. Will it be the obscure mustard I used in a recipe only a few times, the salad dressing that is grandam's favorite when she visits but the rest of us never touch and I alway have to wonder, does soy sauce expire and why do we own such a large bottle? 

Once I have completed the task of removing all items from the refrigerator, the game is done and it is time to get to work cleaning! 

Remove shelving and drawers

Spraying and wiping down shelves only works so well and a few times a year it is a good idea to really deep clean shelves and drawers. A sink of soapy water works great for soaking any stuck on stains and a old toothbrush helps remove gunk stuck in corners. Try cleaning and scrubbing with organic castile soap

Spray walls and doors

It is important to use a safe spray cleaner and not one with harmful chemicals when cleaning the inside walls and doors of appliances. This is where your food is kept and the air will circulate so natural is best. We like to use distilled white vinegar for this job as it will also remove any odors. 

Cleaning Under Appliances

Your appliance may slide with ease and if not, use a furniture moving pad to protect your floors. If space is limited use a vacuum hose to reach behind the refrigerator to remove buildup dust and dirt. Mopping under you refrigerator once a year is a great bonus. 

Check the filter

I have to admit I love crushed ice but with water access comes filters. Make sure to stay up to date on changing the filter to keep your water fresh. 

Check the seal

To keep your appliances efficient it is important to have a strong seal and this will save you money in energy costs and help your food stay fresh longer. An old toothbrush is a great tool for cleaning the seal strip that goes around doors. To test the seal, it should be a little difficult to open the doors. If it pops open too easily it might be time to replace the strip. 

Clean the vent

The coils under your refrigerator work most efficiently when dust free. The vent cover can be removed and washed and a vacuum hose used to remove any buildup dust on the coils. If you purchase a new home make sure to check this area and the previous owner might have kept the refriderator clean but not realized the need for cleaning the vents and coils. 

Stainless Steel

If you have a stainless steel appliance we suggest a few extra care steps found here! 

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