You're busted! What is hiding under your appliances?

April 05, 2015

What is lurking, waiting to be discovered and cleaned out? It is the time of year we like to do a cleaning under our appliances. Safety is important when moving appliances and here are few quick tips to make this process a lot easier. 


Make sure your floor is clean

Moving and sliding an appliance over a dirty floor increases the likelihood for scratching. If the leveling legs under the appliance are not smooth enough you might want to slide in a furniture moving pad under each corner.  

Get help

It can be tempting to do this on our own but it is a job much better suited for two people. With a person on each side of an appliance it is a lot easier to smoothly slide in and out of place

Get your mop ready! 

It can be a surprise to see just how much grime and dust builds up under our appliances. We like to vacuum if there is room but a mop and natural soapy water is best suited for the majority of flooring types. DIY TIP: make your own floor cleaner with our Better Basics organic castile soap. We include a recipe in our Make Your Own Kit

Clean the sides

The area between a stove and the cabinets is an easy place for food to spill and buildup. Have a spray product that is good on grease like Time to Shine ready to clean the buildup away. 


If you have stainless steel appliances you can learn more about cleaning and care in our upcoming blog post and keep its shine with our Time to Shine all purpose cleaner. 


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