Inspiring Optimist: Meet Alicia Hackney

July 15, 2015


Q & A with Alicia, a busy mother of two in Cape Cod, business woman by day, scout leader after school, and Breast Cancer survivor who is on a mission to share her knowledge of safe beauty and skincare products with her new role as a founding Ever Skincare consultant.


Favorite The Optimist Co. product: Bright Side Glass and Surface Cleaner


"It works so incredibly well, no streaks at all and no elbow grease required"


Q: When did your awareness change and you started to choose more eco friendly products? 

A: When I became pregnant with my daughter Annabelle. I am the type of person when I get something in my head I have to know everything about it, so I started to Google and look up websites and resources and then I found the Healthy Child, Healthy world website and that was the biggest catalyst of me. That was back in 2007 when I started and my awareness has deepened each year and with the more the more information I get, the more committed that we are. 

Q: How has your experience as a Breast Cancer survivor impacted the choice of products you use?

A: When I found out you I had breast cancer you go though a range of emotions. First was that I almost found it ironic based on the choices I had been making, to make my own cleaning products, to eat organic, and to use products that do not have chemicals in them, that I still ended up with Breast Cancer. It seemed like such a slap in the face a little bit, but once I got over that it just deepened my resolve. I had not though a lot about what products I was using for me, it was about the house, the food and the kids. I realized I am a beauty product junky and I began looking into the products I was using on the EWG cosmetics database and realizing how many chemicals were in the products I was using all over my body every day, it was eye opening, shocking and a little scary. This was a huge shift in my world and I realized we have to do everything we can to limit our chemical exposure. 

Q: Do you think there are any misconceptions about green product options? 

A: The first misconception is that they do not work as well. The other is that oh we have always used these products, I was brought up on them so I am fine, what's the real benefit of switching? But this is why what you are doing is so important, that little changes, just change out your all purpose cleaner, your laundry soap, every concise decision to switch to a green product makes your home safer.


"With that being said your products works incredibly well. I was shocked at how well they work becomes of my own lower expectations and misconceptions for effectiveness for green products, even though I had been using green products or so long."


Q: What does optimism mean to you? 

A: I think it goes back to making a choice, of not just seeing the glass as half empty or half full, but deciding what type of life you want to live. There is a choice for better, for happier for healthier and it can start with making those choices mentally everyday and having it reverberate throughout your life by making better choices from the food you eat to the products that you use. I would rather choose to be optimistic and see the good in everything then let stress, negativity and all the junk we deal with in our lives bring me down, so optimism is the same as love in my definition. 

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give someone that wanted a greener lifestyle, especially someone who is just starting out? 

 A: My first bit of advice is don't get overwhelmed and feel like you have to do everything. There are definitely some things I think I should be doing but I do the best I can, especially if you are new to making choices with this kind of information in mind. It really is one choice at a time.


"If you run out of cleaning product, just know there is a better option and you do not have to just run out and buy the same the same thing that you always did."


Alicia is passionate about sharing her knowledge for safe cosmetics and you can learn more about her and Ever Skincare here

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