An Optimist's Guide to Surviving the Holidays

November 17, 2016

The holidays are here, and once again we are all scrambling to survive the next few weeks filled with turkey, stuffing, stockings, and your family. For most people, the holidays are filled with joy and warm feelings, but even the most enthusiastic amongst us gets bogged down with the stress of holiday expectations. To combat those feelings of overwhelm, we created "An Optimist's Guide to Surviving the Holidays." We hope the following tips will leave you feeling ready to take on even the most dreaded of holiday parties. 

Start Conversations on a Grateful Note

To create a pleasant atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable, have guests write down something that they are thankful for at the beginning of the evening. You can even get creative and make a DIY Thankful Tree and use it as a centerpiece for your holiday table!

Jumpstart New Years Resolutions

Don't worry, we aren't going to tell you to get a gym membership or give up sugar during the holidays. Whether you want to establish a "technology free" time during the day, or wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning, getting started before January 1st will give you extra motivation to continue. 

Take care of your wellness 

Buying presents, cooking, and traveling can be really draining and leave us worn out. Increase self care during the holidays to make up for the added stress. Find the nearest yoga studio with Nidra Yoga and get your zen on.

Let go of expectations this season

There are a ton of holiday traditions, and not all of them are fun or easy to pull off. This year, make your own traditions that keep the holidays simple and relaxed.

Double Down on Veggies

Do you have guests with 10 different types of diet restrictions? Make things easier by cooking an extra large serving of vegetables. The extra veggies will keep everyone full, and will help combat that third glass of egg nog.

Use Local Products and Ingredients

Impress your guests while supporting businesses in your community. Visit your favorite local store and stock up on handmade candles, soaps, or even wine!

Gift Simple and Gift Well

The best gifts are gifts that provide someone with an experience. To make gifting easy, The Optimist Co. created holiday gift sets that make cleaning a joyful experience any time of year!

Do you have any tips for surviving the holidays? Let us know, we would love to hear them!

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