Benefits of Essential Oils Verses Fragrance Oils

August 03, 2016 1 Comment

The Optimist Co. is committed to using all natural ingredients in our products that are recognizable and safe to use in your home. Because of this commitment, we chose to use pure, food grade essential oils in our products as opposed to traditional fragrance oils. Essential oils are not only a safer alternative to the synthetic chemicals in fragrance oils, but they also contain a variety of different healing properties.

Essential Oils VS Fragrance Oils

Essential oils are naturally occurring substances that are derived from plants using an intricate process of steam distillation. During the extraction process, a concentrated oil is produced that can be used in a number of ways.

Fragrance oils are synthetically manufactured to mimic both scents found in nature and scents that are aiming to evoke a feeling (fresh laundry, summer rain, etc.) Although fragrance oils may contain a small amount of essential oils, they do not offer any of the same healing benefits that are found in essential oils.

Manufacturers will often use fragrance oils in their products as an easy way to save money and to create specific scents that are not naturally occurring. Although this may not seem like a harmful choice, skin care specialists Hillary Peterson explains,

The biggest problem with synthetic fragrance is that it is simply listed as “fragrance” or “parfum” on product labels, so one can never fully know the chemical makeup of a certain product. Given the health concerns surrounding many of the chemicals found in fragrance, one has to ask, why? Is it really that important for a baby to smell “fresh” or for a teen to have hair that smells like a “tropical rain forest”? Even if it could contribute to asthma, eczema or even worse, cancer? And when we want a product to smell lovely, why not turn to essential oils vs. fragrance oils?”
benefits of lemon essential oil

Benefits of Essential Oils

Alternatively, essential oils have been found to be safe for our bodies and offer even greater medicinal benefits. Whether applied topically or used as aromatherapy, essential oils have the ability to ease muscle pains, promote sleep, provide energy, and the list goes on and on! When used in cleaning products, certain essential oils also work as an antibacterial ingredient that can safely disinfect your home without leaving a toxic residue in the air or on your surfaces.

As optimists, we are proud to offer a safe choice by using essential oils in all of our scented products. This is part of our mission in creating products that are simple, natural and effective. We believe that taking care of your home should be a joyful experience, and through the use of essential oils, our products offer aromatherapy benefits in addition to the already fantastic cleaning benefits.

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Claudia OConnor
Claudia OConnor

March 09, 2017

Do you have a recipe for using you essential oils in a defuser to make your house smell nice? I think that is an area you could take your business.

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