This candle burns longer sans toxins and plants a tree!

October 22, 2017

Just in time for holiday 2018 we are launching our first 100% GMO free soy, all natural candle.

Free from synthetic fragrance, this candle is packed with 100% pure essential oils so you can enjoy the amazing scent safely. By only using essential oils in our candles you get the full aromatherapy benefits and scent that can fill your room without being overwhelming or causing headaches. 

Finally! A soot free, clean burning, vegan candle to enjoy all season. 

The best part is that we partnered with One Tree Planted to donate one tree for every candle we sell to hep with reforestation efforts in California. As a small business we know the value of giving back and that is why this partnership is so meaningful to us. You can do good for you home by reducing toxins while helping our planted one tree at a time. 

Click here to see the full details on each of our two holiday scents!

Sweet Orange and Clove

Why you should switch make the switch from traditional to soy candles.

To continue our passion for home products that smell amazing without harmful ingredients w e decided to make a better candle. There are many reasons to make the switch to soy candles especially as there is something special about lighting a candle. However, this experience can also mean releasing toxins and irritants into your home. 

We put the vote in our Optimist's hands. In a few short days we collected over 120 votes on our Facebook and Instagram Pages. The votes were so close we chose two winners, Rosemary & Mint and Sweet Orange & Clove. 

The toxic risk of traditional candles. 

Traditional paraffin candles are made from petroleum oil and as a result, release Co2 and lots of black soot into your air. (YUCK!) This diminishes the air quality of your home. Traditional candles also rely on chemical based fragrances which can hide numerous toxic ingredients. 

How soy candles are a clean alternative to paraffin candles 

Our candle only uses 100% soy wax and as a result are vegan and free of petroleum products. When burning they are nearly soot free, especially with the addition of our hemp wick. Soy candles also burn at a lower melting point as well so the wax does not get as hot. 

Soy candles burn 50% longer!

It’s always great to get more for your money and soy candles deliver. This is due to their lower melting point and also the fact they burn evenly. 100% soy wax candles are also often less expensive than a beeswax candles in the long run. 
Here is what one of our customers had to say after using our candle: 
" Another wonderfully surprising added bonus is that I have burned this candle for approximately eight hours so far and it still looks brand new. I anticipate that this candle will last a long time." - Jenna, MA

A stronger scent without chemicals 

It’s easy to feel overpowered by a traditional candle scent that is made from synthetic fragrance. Our found Devin loved candles but couldn’t use one that was irritating to her asthma. The soy wax we use in our candle creates a larger wax pool around our hemp wick and allows more of the 100% pure essential oils we use to evaporate and scent your room. 

You also get amazing aromatherapy benefits from each of the essential oils we use. 

If you are new to soy candles it’s time to try! 

Click here to see the full details on each of our two holiday scents! 

Help us Plant 200 Trees!

Our candles are giving back this year. For every candle we sell we make a donation that goes to planing one tree. The way we love to #OptOptimism is by leaving the earth a better place for the future optimists to enjoy.

By choosing toxin free products you are reducing the harmful ingredients you expose to the planet, your home and body. 

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