Influencers To Watch 2017: Meet Lee Lee Thompson

April 12, 2017

Influencers To Watch 2017

We wanted to share the influencers keeping us inspired, motivated and educated to make better choices for our mind, bodies and homes. The awareness around green living has expanded in the three years we have been making natural cleaning products to being a true wellness movement. These are the leaders who are at the top of their game and also rising who are influencing the conversation around green living, beauty, wellness, mindfulness and heath. Wellness touches all aspects of your life so we tried to create a diverse list to expand your thinking about a life lived well.

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Meet Lee Lee Thompson Influencer To Watch 2017

Meet: Lee Lee Thompson

The Creative Director & Managing Editor for The Perpetual You, an online magazine that encourages women to choose, embrace, unleash, and celebrate their most authentic selves.

Instagram: @theperpetualyou

Bio: Since starting the magazine, Lee Lee has been on a journey of Honesty, Intention, and Positivity – values that inform her daily practices and shape her innermost desires. Born in the Midwest and raised in an extremely conservative environment, Lee Lee was conditioned from a young age to seek validation externally. Additionally, she lived with anxiety, depression, and addiction for 30+ years. Once Lee Lee found empowerment in intentional living and positive thinking, she discovered her purpose was to share the joy, ease, fun, and wealth that can be found in self-love with women around the world. Lee Lee is the ultimate homebody and a gracious hostess; she invites you to stop by her front porch in Hamden, CT, where you will likely find her, along with family and friends, hanging out, laughing, dancing, and enjoying the seasonal New England weather.

If our tribe of optimists could learn one thing form you, what would it be?
That positivity is a practice not a destination.
What are three natural products or habits you can't live without in your daily wellness routine? 
Using natural products in self-care--especially natural deodorant! Being a mindful mama and supporting Small Batch Makers in my purchases.

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