Influencers To Watch 2017: Meet Rachel Mednick

April 12, 2017

leader in wellness 2017 by The Optimist Co.

We wanted to share the influencers keeping us inspired, motivated and educated to make better choices for our mind, bodies and homes. The awareness around green living has expanded in the three years we have been making natural cleaning products to being a true wellness movement. These are the leaders who are at the top of their game and also rising who are influencing the conversation around green living, beauty, wellness, mindfulness and heath. Wellness touches all aspects of your life so we tried to create a diverse list to expand your thinking about a life lived well.

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founder of lucy and leo organics and a leader in wellness 2017

Meet: Rachel Mednick

Designer and founder of an organic children's clothing line

Instagram: @lucyleoorganic

Bio: Lucy & Leo is a line of organic baby clothing, made in NY. For sizes newborn-5T. We’ve searched far and wide to find the best organic fabrics, free of the pesky pesticides and chemicals that are traditionally found in baby clothes. We believe that high standards are essential in everything we do, that is why none of our clothes go to production without first passing our exceedingly high standards of safety and quality. Lucy & Leo is committed to being a socially responsibly business. We partner with local schools in Philadelphia and New York to teach kids, through sewing, about their immediate impact on the environment and their communities. We help them design and make stuffed animals and tote bags out of the scrap fabric that would otherwise end up in our landfills, and then donate the finished product to local shelters to help children in need.

If our tribe of optimists could learn one thing form you, what would it be?

Your skin is your biggest organ, just like you clean with safe products and eat organic, you need to be careful about the clothes you wear too, Non- organic clothing is covered in chemicals and pesticides and washing it does not help.


What are three natural products or habits you can't live without in your daily wellness routine? 
Optimist Co. cleaning spray, Savor Beauty pumpkin serum, Lucy & Leo lip balm

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