Top 10 tips for a healthy and toxin free home during the fall season

November 06, 2017

Fall is officially upon us and with the new season is the opportunity to make a few new, more healthy habits this fall. 

Are you looking for natural ways to avoid cold and flu season? Maybe you are concerned about indoor air quality now that you windows are closed for the cooler weather. If you have asthma and allergies these tips will also help you stay more healthy this fall. 

Below is a summary of our top 10 tips for a healthy, toxin free fall season but make sure to use our FREE PRINTABLE Checklist full by clicking here!
It turns out most people spend about 90% of their time indoors! It's extra important than to make sure our indoor environment is healthy for day and night.


Top 10 natural tips to make your home home this fall 

1. Deep Clean

We are often asked, Should I deep clean my home in the fall?

Traditionally, Spring is seen as the time of year to do a deep clean and refresh of your home. However, the transition from Summer to Fall is also the perfect time to get your home in tip top shape. Do a walkthrough of your home with a pen and paper and make a list of the spots that need the most attention. (Think places that build up dust, especially important for our tips below.)

You are probably ready to seal up your windows for the winter season so now is a good time for a quick wash, inside and out before the freezing temps. This is also a great time to clean any large glass doors so you can enjoy the winter season with a streak free shine. Try Bright Side natural glass cleaner. 

Once you finish, open a window and let the cool air instantly make your home feel fresh and new. 

2. Invest in a Quality Air Filter

A good air filter is essential to maintaining a healthy home this Fall. Air filters work at reducing allergens and pollutants in the air, as well preventing the growth of mold and bacteria. Look for filters that are HEPA certified and are easy to clean and maintain. 

3. Use Clean Burning Candles

Traditional paraffin candles are made from petroleum oil and as a result, release Co2 and lots of black soot into your air. (YUCK!) This diminishes the air quality of your home. Traditional candles also rely on chemical based fragrances which can hide numerous toxic ingredients. 

We have any easy switch with our 100% soy wax candle collection that is scented with pure essential oils. Best yet, these candles give back! One tree is planed for every candle purchased. 

All natural soy wax candle that gives back for holiday 2017

4. Use a Humidifier

Do you wake up in the morning with a dry scratchy throat and congestion once the temperature starts to decline? One cause may be a lack of humidity in the air. Using a humidifier keeps the air in your home moist which helps reduce uncomfortable dryness and irritation, especially on the nose, throat, and lips. 

5. Diffuse Essential oils

Add a few drops of one of our essential oils to add soothing aromatherapy benefits while you use your humidifier. Try lavender essential oil for a calm effect. Use eucalyptus and tea tree oils to sooth chest and sinus congestion. 

Shop our entire collection of pure, food grade essential oils here

6. Pure your cleaning supplies

How many products do you really need to clean you home? It's easy to things the answer is LOTS but the truth of the matter is, the right natural product can have many uses. End the clutter of specialty cleaning supplies or ones that have toxins and irritants for ingredients. Keep it simple and go back to basics with natural ingredients you can read, recognize as safe and trust. 

Ready to take your natural cleaning to the next level? Our DIY cleaning kit has 11 recipes and the bottles you need to handcraft your own natural cleaning solutions. 

 Print these 10 Tips by downloading the free PDF and let us know what you think!


7. Add in Greenery 

Plants are your best friend when it comes to keeping your home air quality pure. Choose plants that fit the amount of light that is inside your home. Click here to see a great list of low light plants from HGTV. 

8. Wash your linens 

As the temps cool, many of us transition to warmer bedding. Make sure to properly wash and store your summer bedding. 

Are you new to natural laundry solutions? Here are a few posts that can help. 



9. Open the curtains 

Seasonal Affected Disorder is commonplace any many parts of North America. To help avoid symptoms sitting by a window, opening up the curtains and letting in as much natural light as you can will help. Keep those windows looking bright with Bright Side, natural glass cleaner. 

10. Rearrange your furniture 

Not only is it important to clean any dust and dust mites hiding under your furniture, changing up your space can be great for your mental health too! By moving things to a new spot your old furniture can feel new again and add new energy to your space. 


You made it though all 10 tips! Make sure to comment on how you are making the fall season healthy! 

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