Tips for a Healthier Home this Fall

October 07, 2016

Fall is officially upon us and we are so excited about all the changes that the season brings. However, Fall is also the start to cold and flu season, and with the kids back in school, more and more germs are entering our homes than ever before. To help keep your home happy and healthy, we compiled a list of 10 tips that you can use in your personal living space. To read the full list of 10, download the free PDF by clicking here!

Tips for Fall

1. Deep Clean- Traditionally, Spring is seen as the time of year to do a deep clean and refresh of your home. However, the transition from Summer to Fall is also the perfect time to get your home in tip top shape. Do a walkthrough of your home with a pen and paper and make a list of the spots that need the most attention. Once you finish, open a window and let the cool air instantly make your home feel fresh and new. 
2. Invest in a Quality Air Filter- A good air filter is essential to maintaining a healthy home this Fall. Air filters work at reducing allergens and pollutants in the air, as well preventing the growth of mold and bacteria. Look for filters that are HEPA certified and are easy to clean and maintain. 
3. Use a Humidifier- Do you wake up in the morning with a dry scratchy throat and congestion once the temperature starts to decline? One cause may be a lack of humidity in the air. Using a humidifier keeps the air in your home moist which helps reduce uncomfortable dryness and irritation, especially on the nose, throat, and lips. 
Read the rest of the 10 Tips by downloading the free PDF and let us know what you think!

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