Top 10 Tips for Winning at Back to School Laundry

September 29, 2017

Top 10 Tips for Winning at Back to School Laundry

The Optimist Co. knows all about back to school laundry headaches. School and sports teams start and before you know it, you have a pile of grassy field hockey jerseys and a splotchy white T-shirt from an incident with a juice box in the lunch room. 

To make your life easier, we've compiled a list of our top ten laundry tips to help you get your school year off to a fresh start. 

 top 10 tips for winning at back to school laundry

Skip Fragrance and Opt for Essential Oils. No one wants the hassle of asthma attacks or eczema breakouts as the school year starts. Even some "natural" cleaning products include synthetic fragrances and chemical brighteners, so check your labels to make sure you're getting products with natural scents and brighteners. Not sure what the difference between a fragrance and essential oil is? This article will help. 

Read the labels. It seems time-consuming, but reading the labels on your laundry (not just your detergent) is actually an important part of doing your laundry. Take the extra minute to figure out which clothes go best in which load. Your clothes will thank you for it, and you'll avoid tears over a shrunken favorite sweater.

Use a linen bag. Do you have a case of missing socks? Keep things together with a mesh linen bag. Your laundry will stay together while it gets clean! 

Keep on a schedule. Pick a day of the week or time of day to get your laundry done and stick to it. That way you (and your kids) always know what to expect, and you don't fall behind on laundry. Our founder Devin likes to add a load of laundry while her kids eat breakfast and take it out when they get off the bus. A load a day works best in her house ash she likes to avoid laundry on weekends. 

best laundry product 2017 by family Circle Magazine

Ready to take your laundry natural? Try Loads of Laughs and save time and money by choosing a custom subscription schedule. 

Soak your stains. If you can't get to stain treatment right away, soak the clothes that need some extra help. It keeps the stains from setting until you can get to it. Use cold water or diluted vinegar for best results.

Treat stains naturally. Avoid cleaners and stain treatments with toxins, such as carcinogens, that exacerbate allergies and cause cancer. Use natural solutions for stains, like mixing baking soda and water or vinegar into a paste, then rubbing it into the stain. Leave for a few minutes and rinse before cleaning your laundry in laundry soap with natural ingredients.

 Keep your washer clean. Keeping your washer clean is as easy as throwing in some vinegar in with your load, or in a rinse load after. A quick scrub of the rubber lining of the machine and you're done! This keeps odors down and your laundry free of whatever dirt and grime (or lost sock) is caught inside your washer.

Use salt instead of fabric softener. Fabric softeners not only use huge amounts of synthetic fragrances, they include toxic ingredients such as ethanol and chloroform (yes, you read that right). Instead, use some salt in your washer to make your clothes soft and comfy. Ingredient fact! Loads of Laughs is naturally softening due to the help of pure epsom salts so you can like dry your favorite athletic clothing sans static. 

Use an aluminum foil ball to keep down static. Dryer sheets should keep down static but are often loaded with toxins and chemicals. Not to mention the synthetic fragrance we mentioned above. Aluminum foil works just as well, if not better. Make sure to replace it every few months to make sure it can keep up with your laundry!

Make your own scented dryer sheets. Not only will you know what ingredients were used (and you'll be able to pronounce them), but it costs less, smells better, and is healthier. There are a few ways of making your own, but the easiest is to soak a small washcloth in essential oils and throw it in with your dryer. The smell diffuses over your clothes and leaves them fresh and fragrant; much better than stinky sock or grungy uniform smells. This is also a great use for an old sock that lost its match. 

Tip: Try Lavender Essential Oil 

With our back to school laundry tips, The Optimist Co. hopes your school year gets off to the best start yet. Don't forget to try our stain-fighting, detergent-free, all natural Loads of Laughs laundry detergent for all your back to school needs! 



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