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June 07, 2017

Optimist Co Products usage guide

Not sure how long your new Optimist Co. product will last? We created a usage guide to help you know how many products to order, how long they last and what the best subscription schedule will be.

 time to shine all purpose cleaner in rosemary and ming

Time To Shine: natural all-purpose cleaner

Our all-purpose cleaner is effective for your bathroom, kitchen and general household cleaning needs. Because of its wide uses our customers often use one bottle per six weeks for their daily and weekly cleaning tasks. If you are doing light cleaning or have a cleaning service you can easily get 8 to 12 weeks per bottle. Our formula is concentrated and a little can go a long way. Make sure not to over spray to lengthen the time of your cleaning spray orders. Our subscribers most commonly subscribe for Time to Shine every 6 to 8 weeks. 


Time to Shine Lemon & Tea Tree

Time to Shine Rosemary and Mint

loads of laughs best laundry detergent of 2017

Loads of Laughs: natural laundry wash and softener 

Each zip pouch of Loads of Laughs has enough concentrated laundry wash to do 64 loads in a low water washing machine. Each pouch includes one of our measured scoops and one full load uses one scoop of wash. To know how long one pouch of laundry wash will last simply consider how many loads of laundry you do per week. 

7+ loads a week: each pouch will last up to 8 weeks. Most of our families with young children use one bag per every 6 to 8 weeks to keep up with all the laundry. If you are doing only a few loads per week each pouch will last 3 to 4 months. 

If you do not have a low water washing machine you will need to use two scoops per load instead of one scoop of laundry wash. In this case your pouch will last half as long so a family doing 7+ loads a week would need to reorder monthly. 

Click here to see reviews and advice from our customers on our Loads of Laughs product page. 

Bright Side natural glass cleaner best cleaning product award winner

Bright Side: natural glass cleaner 

How often you clean your windows varies a great deal from household to household. May of our customers that live in more dry environments also deal with more dust from outside and they find themselves cleaning more frequently. The type of heat you use can also be a factor and how well the air if filtered. A traditional glass cleaner leaves a film to give you a streak free shine. Bright Side will remove this sticky film and leave you with glass that sparkles. No film means less dust sticking to your windows and less frequent cleaning. Our customers often say they have never seen their windows look so clean. That's a win for all of us! 

If you clean your windows less frequently a bottle of Bright Side can last up to 6 months. Our subscribers that clean their windows frequently often get a bottle very 12 weeks. You can always add a bottle as an add-on once and a while to their subscription for other products.

Shop Bright Side

Room and air essential oil collection

Room & Air Spray Collection

 We are here to help out fight order while enjoying the amazing health and aromatherapy benefits of our pure essential oils. You can get hundreds of sprays per bottle of our Room & Air Spray collection and many customers have a bottle in their kitchen and each bathroom. A bottle of Room Spray is a great addition to any order and last from 3 to 6 months. Tip: Use in your laundry room to add a few sprays to the dryer before drying your clothes for extra odor fighting and a refreshing experience. 

 Shop Room & Air Collection in all three signature scents 

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