Why a bucket list is a must for a successful summer

June 19, 2017

The forecast at The Optimist Co. is always sunny, especially during the summer. There are a few perks to being founded and still ran on Cape Cod but we also know how fast summer can fly by without a plan. It's easy to think our team is at the beach being located next to one but the reality is life happens, we are all busy and with a family to care for it's hard to always find the time for fun.

To make sure we make the most of our summer we are big fans of creating a Summer Bucket List. It can be simple like a picnic in the yard, going to a baseball game or a BBQ with friends. The act of writing it down gives you a blueprint for how you will make the most of your summer. 

What does your dream summer look like? Who will you spend it with? What spots are local favorites in your home town you want to share?

Join us on Instagram to find out three of our founder's family favorite summer activities on Cape Cod. You will also see our monthly optimist cards in our shipments monthly!

Challenge time!

Ready to take your summer planing to the next level? We created this FREE Printable Summer Bucket List you can download and start to customize your own list! 



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