Why we Shop Local (And Why You Should Too!)

December 02, 2016

The Optimist Co. is proud to participate in events with the Cape Cod based organization, Love. Live. Local. This Sunday, December 4th, is the annual LoveLocal Holiday Fest and we are so excited to be vendors along with over 100 other local businesses. We believe in the importance of shopping local this holiday season and we encourage you to keep reading to find out some of the great benefits of keeping it local.

What Shopping Local Means to You

This informative graphic was created by Love. Live. Local. and it provides quick and easy to understand information regarding the finances of shopping locally. 

It is clear to see from this graphic why small businesses are so essential to the success of a community from a financial standpoint. Choosing to spend at local businesses means contributing to our local economy, and it supports or friends and neighbors who own and operate Cape businesses. 

What are the Other Benefits?

Shopping locally offers a number of benefits, especially during the holidays. Small business owners are often very knowledgable and are able to help you chose exactly what you want, or even provide customization. Also, it can be a fun way to try new products or services that you otherwise would never have heard of. Local businesses also offer unique or one-of-a-kind gifts that you can't find online or at the local mega-store. 

"I believe the single best thing we can do to support and strengthen our Cape Cod community this holiday shopping season is to spend our dollars with locally owned businesses and local organizations. When you spend your dollars with local businesses, you are literally investing in the community because more of that money stays on Cape Cod than if you shop online or at a national chain store. The stronger the local business community is, the more financially stable the entire region will be." -Love. Live. Local Co-Founder & Owner of Shift Eco-Boutique, Amanda Converse

The Optimist Co. is proud to support local business in a variety of ways. You can find our products in a number of local boutiques and specialty stores, and we purchase ingredients and supplies from small, local businesses whenever possible. Make sure you stop by and say hi at the LoveLocal Holiday Fest this weekend!

Are you ready to shop local but unsure where to start? Check your local chamber of commerce website to find holiday fairs and events in your area!

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