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Sweet Orange & Clove - 100% Natural Soy Candle

We combined the effective powers of Sweet Orange and Clove essential oils for a calming and refreshing holiday scent. It will remind your grandmother's favorite recipes and is a great gift to your health conscious family and friends. 

Our candles use 100%, GMO free soy, a hemp wick and 100% pure food grade essential oils. 

Why use a soy candle? Soy lasts up to 50% long than a traditional candle and does not release toxic carcinogens into the air when lit. Our candles are sustainable, biodegradable and a nearly soot free burn. We never use synthetic fragrance which is full of hidden toxins and irritants. 

Finally enjoy a scented candle without the harmful toxins! 

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, Orange and clove essential oils. 

Why the amber bottle? It’s not just pretty to look at. Our amber bottles protect the power of the essential oils we use and are recyclable. We pride ourselves on our green packaging options. Easily wash this jar when you are finished and reuse! 

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