The Aha! Moment

After suffering an asthma attack from a leading “green” cleaning spray I realized there was a lack of truly safe cleaning products in the marketFrustrated by my options, I created a line of truly natural cleaning products with easy-to-recognize ingredients. I believe in the safety and effectiveness of our ingredients so strongly I printed them right on the front of our packaging. Our optimistic products are inspiring chemical free cleaning, a few simple ingredients at a time. Join us and clean like an optimist!


"Recognizable is the new natural and our  ingredients make it easy to identify
our products as safe. No chemistry degree required!"
The Optimist Co. began in Devin's cottage kitchen while she was expecting her second child. While cleaning, she suffered an asthma attack from a product she believe to be both "green" and safe. Taking a closer look at the ingredients she realized she would practically need a chemistry degree to understand the long chemical names on the label. A natural optimist, she took on the challenge and created her own safe cleaning products with ingredients she could easily identify as safe. 
Devin found that the simple and whole ingredients she used were often even more effective at cleaning then chemical options. By using essential oils, she was also able to create products that smelled as happy as she felt while cleaning with her new creations. Devin launched her products at a local farmer's market and quickly gained a loyal local following. That first summer was busy with products selling out as fast as she could produced, especially with the addition of her first two wholesale accounts. 
Devin realized there was a lot of negative, overwhelming and sometimes scary messaging about green living, especially when it came to the ingredients to avoid. Carrying a list of ingredients to avoid every time she shopped did not seem practical and with so many products labeled as natural, green, or eco-friendly, it was becoming increasingly confusing to know which brands to trust.
Devin created a line that was not only safe and easy to trust but made you also feel happy when you cleaned. With product names like Time to Shine, Bright Side and Loads of Laughs the business was off to an optimistic future.