• "I think the Optimist products are great for families with young children, including children with asthma or allergies. They have no harsh chemicals and in fact, leave a pleasant smell instead of the typical bleach odor. I recognize all the ingredients, which is so reassuring that my children aren't being exposed to toxic chemicals. Not only do they seem like a healthier alternative to run of the mill cleaning products, they actually clean well too!"

    Dr. Kristie Rivers, Bundoo Pediatrician

  • "The Optimist Co. ingredient lists are incredibly short, so there's no sorting through dozens of ingredients to find the one I that I know I can't use." 

    Elaine, Michigan

  • "Laundry never smelled so good."

    Christina, Massachusetts

  • "I am so happy to have finally found a cleaning product that I don't' have to worry about what it is made of and it actually works!" 

    Rachel, Pennsylvania